The Myth of Newton's Apple

Created at: 12 Jun 2024 Last updated: 12 Jun 2024

Both the myth of the apple falling on his head and the ideas it was said to have caused were actually created by a mind guessing about data that WASN’T there.

He was guessing why the apple would fall perpendicular to the ground: “maybe big things attract small things,” was the guess. Why even care about that? Why become a scientist? He wasn’t, that term was invented later! He was a “natural philosopher.” Why become a philosopher?

Not being satisfied by data. Wanting to cause something to happen. Wanting things, in general. Being bored (not wanting to see the same data). Being lazy (not wanting to do the same stuff over and over). Only people are like that,  no other animal wants so uncompromisingly.

But even the author of this linked article on Newton's apple from New Scientist misses this!

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