<div class='p-1'> <b><a class="text-white" href="/scrapbook">Scrapbook</a></b> <p class='small mt-2'> This is a collection of tweets, retweets and likes (which I mainly treat as bookmarks). Tweets are scraped to a local database and this site has no tracking. Tweets and retweets by myself should show in full, all likes are truncated versions of original tweets. The default page inlcudes tweets from today. <br><br> Search for <a href="/scrapbook?date=2022-04-20">last year</a>, <a href="/scrapbook?date=2021-04-20">two years ago</a>. </p> <div class='input-group'> <form class="w-100 m-2" action="/scrapbook" accept-charset="UTF-8" method="get"><input type="text" name="term" id="term" placeholder="ๆคœ็ดข" class="form-control text-black rounded border hover:border-sky-300 active:border-dashed" /></form> </div> <p class='p-2 text-center'> <b>0</b> records found for the current selection. </p> </div>
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